Los Angeles, CA

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2017 Financial Membership Roster
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President - Gary Hogans., MBA
First Vice President - Sidney Jackson, MBA
Second Vice President - Dr. Stephen J. Rice, Ed.D
Secretary - Sherman Mithcell, MPA/MAIOP
Treasurer - Willie J. Bluitt II
Director of Bigger and Better Business - Sammy Riley
Director of Education - Jamar Richardson, MSW
Director of Social Action - Deshawn Cabeza, DBA

Thomas Anderson, Rene Baquet, Michael Baslee, Terrence Booth, Stephen Burks, Ezunial Burts, Nelson Carl, Reginald Carter,
Ron Carter, Micah Cyrus, Greg Dews, Johnathan Floyd, Anthony George, Kenneth Glaspie, David Griffin, Matthew Griffin, Frank E. Guy II, Dwayne Hayforth, Kent Haywood, Charles Hill, Clifford Jamerson, Lybroan D. James, Kyle W. Jones, Keith Krause, Milton Macaulay, Jeffrey Martin, Anthony O. Maxwell, Charles Mayfield, Charles McArthur, Psalms McWorther, Jevone Moore, James O. Moton, Kaine L. Nicholas, Toutoule Ntoya, Jamar Richardson, Kevin L. Ridley, Sammy Riley, Kelvin A. Roberts, Hon. Dr. Anthony A. Samad, Louis Smith, Hubert Sutton, Colin Taylor, Howard E. Thomas, Kelvin Tolbert, Neal W. Tyler, Robert L Vann Jr., Charlie B. Wade, Robert Walker, Donald Ware, D’Extra Wiley, Michael Wilson, George F. Young, Jeffrey Martin, Lorenzo Fleming, Christopher White, Deshawn  Perry, David Griffin, Alonzo Braggs

2018 Membership Dues
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Alumni Member Dues 2018 (before 12/31/17) = $289  + $17.00 late fee (after 12/31/17)  USD (includes Paypal processing fee)

Life Member Dues 2018 (before 12/31/17) = $135.00 +$3.00 late fee (after 12/31/17) USD (includes Paypal processing fee)

Reactivation/Chapter Dues 2018 (if un-financial for 2017) = $302.00  USD  (includes Paypal processing fees)

Reclamation/Chapter Dues 2018 : $312.00  USD (includes Paypal processing fees)

Chapter Dues 2018 (before 12/31/17) = $103.00   USD (includes Paypal processing fee)